21 November 2010

First tests with Kinect and OpenKinect

I finally decided to get a Kinect in order to check what can be done with this new "toy". Since a great job was already done by open source community at OpenKinect.org, I just had to install last version of Win7 driver, in order to check a few things related to hardware part. Here are first results after half an hour playing with Kinect.

RGB camera detects IR lights
Microsoft Kinect Teardown states that RGB camera detects the human visual spectrum. I tested RGB cam with a TV command and an IR projector.
IR from TV command
IR from IR projector

It seems RGB camera can detect a broader spectrum than human visual spectrum.

Depth camera and Plexiglass
I also checked depth camera works when a piece of plexiglass stands between camera and target object... And everything works fine.

Plexiglass between depth camera & object

2 humble tests/results but I already imagine what we could do with this. Kinect is going to be a very fun toy !

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