27 January 2010

6 règles pour les développeurs / designers d'applications multitouch

Six règles de base pour tous les développeurs et designers qui songent à basculer dans le développement d'applications multitouch (6 basics rules for developers and designers who think about working on multitouch applications) :
  • Touchscreens are just components - they do not represent an experience in themselves.
  • Tweaking an existing platform and adding a touchscreen will not deliver a revolutionary new set of products.
  • Touch interactions are fundamentally different from those performed with keys or even a stylus, and will often require a completely revised user interface...
  • If you start your product design process with the premise of ‘we need a touchscreen device in our portfolio’, you can expect to end up with a bad user experience.
  • The (mobile) industry has made this mistake time and again, seeking to sell users the promise of a particular technology rather than focusing on how that technology can be applied to enhance the customer experience.
  • Touchscreens do not change the rules - remember, always start by designing for the user rather than designing around a technology.
Source : MEX

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